Insurance Open Enrollment
Saturday, 19.04.2014
Insurance Open Enrollment
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Open Enrollment in Obamacare through 'Insurance Exchanges' in the health insurance marketplace

'Obamacare' is the term provided and generally referred to the health care reform. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law March of 2010 to no longer be denied health insurance coverage for those with medical ailments or pre-existing conditions. It also makes it mandatory to have.


A bridge program was set up called PCIP, till the law becomes effective January 1 2014. That program has since suspended enrollment of new applicants in order to maintain the one hundred thousand approximate in force applicants financially.


Open Enrollment into the health care reform begins October 1 2013 and will be a sizable challenge which will either be run by the state itself or federally through the Department of Health and Human Services. As such individuals and families will go through what is called an 'Insurance Exchange'. There are two types of exchanges, both the public sector and the private insurance exchange, expected to surpass public sector in coming years. The public insurance exchange may have subsidies to take advantage of, especially for many lower income families. The Private insurance exchanges are not insurance run by the government directly but rather many insurance carriers and insurance agents and brokers who will be able to assist you with options and plans of coverage. The health reform on the public market can be assisted by a navigator versus a licensed agent.


Anyone can search on their own through their own states insurance exchange both private and public. Open enrollment insurance exchanges are available to compare whether you have insurance now or not. Penalties will be applied starting the first year and increasing to approximately $700 by year three.


If you are one of the many millions awaiting the health care reform you can get a jump start by enrolling during the open enrollment date of Oct 1.


Have questions about the Open enrollment or needing assistance in the enrollment process? Contact us at 


, provides information on enrollment into Health Insurance Plans available to Businesses and their employees. Typically such period begins as of October like Medicare Open Enrollment for example.


Looking for enrollment and you are a sole business owner with a pre-existing condition? Those losing their coverage or wanting to get major medical coverage, most states hold an open enrollment for a group of one. August, for example, is open enrollment for the state of Florida. It may be pricey, however raising a deductible if you dont visit the hospital or use your coverage may be a good move to lower your premiums, thus making it more affordable. This is simply another option. If concerned about meeting the deductible you can offset the cost with separate policy such as Critical Illness insurance. It pays your deductible max out of pocket even loss of income paid cash upon diagnosis. A separate accident insurance plan can also be picked up for simple accidents for typically only $30 or so a month and may even cover the whole family.


Open enrollment is a time period in which benefits for enrollment applicants that can apply or make changes to their current insurance. Typically this is done once a year for employer/ employee groups and Medicare senior market groups which are two of the biggest open and most known "open enrollment" periods.  There is also a one man group open enrollment also known as self employed open enrollment the time an owner who does not have a group can enroll and not be denied and acts under the rules of a group by accepting regardless of medical conditions.


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Government funded health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions:

PCIP (Pre-existing condition insurance plan) is the Federal government Health Insurance program administered by the government under GEHA (Governement employee Health Association), in association with the National Finance Center processing the applications and approving apps with Health and Human Services overseeing the program.

During this enrollment period, those with pre-existing conditions ranging from:




or any other preexisting condition that has declined an individual to private major medical insurance carriers may qualify to submit an application for affordable major medical comprehensive government funded health insurance. During this enrollment you will NOT need to be a Governmental employee to apply to this association for coverage. The health insurance coverage is real health insurance not a discount plan. The pcip program was initiated out of the health care reform under the aca or Affordable Care Act. Pcip enrollment applications are administered by either the state or the HHS and under the program the government has set aside 5 billion dollars in order to fund the program till December 31 2013. After such time the health insurance exchanges will be in effect and accept all conditions regardless. The available states that there is enrollment available are listed below in teal, while the states in gold are State run. If wish to view PCIP RATES and QUOTES BY STATE. Federal run states by the Department of Health and Human Services can be seen on this site by clicking your state below or the link herein. If wish to apply for your state click here in order to register to Apply. 

State availability below rates and quotes
How to apply
 Florida GeorgiaAlabama
west Virgina
 MassachusettsNorth Dakota
 South Carolina
 Indiana Virginamany more listed below.

Map of National PCIP states which are Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennesee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming


Medicare open enrollment

Begins the end of every year and is coming up for 2012 for those coming in to age 65. Beginning this year,  the medicare open enrollment begins on October 15 through December 7, 2011 when it ends earlier than in the past. This provides you time to compare plans available and seven full weeks to do so. Medicare open enrollment happens only once a year and individuals are beginning to look for coverage as early as October prior to enrollment. Medicare plans are supplements to your Medicare parts you get at eligible age. Medicare plans such as "F" or "N"are the more robust insurance plans. There will be changes coming with the new health care reform in 2014 that need be addressed and until such time plans are set as they have been.

Original Medicare pays for plenty of expense although not everything is covered leaving many out during such open enrollment medicare period to look for a supplement. This medicare plan supplement is often referred to as Medigap. This is typical and sold by private carriers that can assist in paying for the loss there would be with out of pocket expenses such as co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance. Medigap plans due vary and which is right for you is best to be determined by a certified license insurance agent. Contact the Insurance Resource Center by filling out a form on this site.


Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a Medicare Supplement plan (part c) that although very rich and suitable for many, would also need to be aware in giving up some medicare coverage from the government. This sounds a bit intimidating to relinquish coverage provided by Federal agencies in lieu private. It is however the choice of roughly 1 in every 4 applicants of which you may find it to be saving you more than expected with more benefit coverage.

Is a Medicare Advantage plan right for me? Find out more by contacting the Insurance Resource Center or filling a request form on this site under "How to apply" tab.